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Receiver for free-space optical communication
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1. A receiver for free-space optical communication, the receiver comprising:
a beam splitter configured to split incident light into a first light beam and a second light beam, the first light beam and the second light beam traveling in different directions;
an imaging unit configured to capture an image of the first light beam;
a specifying unit configured to extract a signal light beam from the image of the first light beam captured by the imaging unit and specify a position of the signal light beam in the image;
a light-receiving device configured to receive the second light beam; and
a controller configured to control a blocker disposed between the beam splitter and the light-receiving device on a basis of the position of the signal light beam specified by the specifying unit to
allow only a limited portion of the second light beam to enter the light-receiving device, the limited portion of the second light beam including the signal light beam, and
prevent a remaining portion of the second light beam from entering the light-receiving device.