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Multi-channel light-receiving module
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1. A multi-channel light-receiving module, comprising an incident collimator, a light-splitting assembly, an optical path conversion assembly, and an optoelectronic chip array arranged in sequence,
an external optical signal being converted into collimated light by the incident collimator and then entering the light-splitting assembly, and the light-splitting assembly outputting a plurality of paths of optical signals which are respectively coupled to the optoelectronic chip array via the optical path conversion assembly and then being converted into electrical signals;
the light-splitting assembly comprising an internal reflector and a plurality of optical filters which are respectively disposed at an output end of the internal reflector;
a channel interval between optoelectronic chips in the optoelectronic chip array being smaller than a channel interval between adjacent optical filters;
the optical path conversion assembly comprising a plurality of emergent collimators and optical fibers respectively connected to each of the emergent collimators, and the plurality of paths of optical signals output by the light-splitting assembly being respectively coupled to the corresponding optical fibers after passing through the plurality of emergent collimators, and being output by output ends of the optical fibers and then coupled to the optoelectronic chip array.