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Radar detection prioritization based on downstream feedback
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1. A method comprising:
receiving, by a processor of a vehicle, radar detections as the vehicle is traveling in a travel corridor, the radar detections having associated locations relative to the vehicle;
receiving, from another processor of the vehicle, feedback related to a downstream function executed by the other processor as the vehicle is traveling in the travel corridor;
determining, based on the locations of the radar detections and the feedback related to the downstream function, whether any of the radar detections are within the travel corridor; and
for at least one of the radar detections that are within the travel corridor:
assigning, by the processor, a priority to the respective radar detection based on at least one Frenet coordinate of the respective radar detection; and
storing, by the processor, in a detection buffer, the respective radar detection along with an indication of the assigned priority; and
providing the at least one of the radar detections along with the respective indications of assigned priority to the downstream function.