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Temperature test apparatus and temperature test method
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1. A temperature test apparatus that measures temperature dependency of transmission characteristics or reception characteristics of a device under test including an antenna under test, the apparatus comprising:
an anechoic box that has an internal space that is not influenced by a surrounding radio wave environment and is formed by a metal housing;
a test antenna that is accommodated in the internal space and is configured to transmit or receive a radio signal to and from the antenna under test;
a heat insulating housing that is accommodated in the internal space and is made of a heat insulating material to surround a spatial region including a quiet zone in which the device under test is disposed;
a temperature control device that is disposed outside the anechoic box and controls a temperature of the spatial region;
a pipe through which a gas for controlling the temperature of the spatial region passes and that connects the temperature control device and the heat insulating housing to each other through the metal housing of the anechoic box; and
a measurement device that uses the test antenna in a state where the temperature of the spatial region is controlled by the temperature control device, to measure the transmission characteristics or the reception characteristics of the device under test,
wherein a portion of the pipe from the metal housing to a predetermined position of the internal space is made of metal, and the portion of the pipe further comprises an electromagnetic shield structure.