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Methods and systems for crude oil blending with quality and composition monitoring and control
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1. A method of blending a plurality of crude oils of different constituent makeups to obtain a blended crude oil of desired quality, comprising:
utilizing a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system having a plurality of NMR sensors and at least one processor, and a supplemental sensor including at least one of (i) infrared spectroscopy sensors, (ii) UV-Vis spectroscopy sensors, (iii) Raman spectroscopy sensors, (iv) viscometers, and (v) densitometers, to sense crude oil flowing in a plurality of individual crude oil input streams which are combined and mixed to generate a blended output stream;
sensing said blended output stream utilizing said NMR system;
making a first determination regarding a property of said blended crude oil;
comparing said first determination with a desired value; and
modifying the rate of flow of at least one of the plurality of crude oil input streams if the determination does not meet said desired value.