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Handheld device to detect lead compounds and impurities in water
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1. A device for detection of LEAD in water, the device comprises:
an Internal Chemical Pod Chamber located on the right side of the device, 0.5 inches above the bottom end of the device having a sample pad and a solution pad, said sample pad adapted to collect a water sample and deliver the water sample to the solution pad; and wherein said sample pad and said solution pad are in fluid communication;
a Liquid Chamber measuring 1 inch by 0.5 inch by 1 inch, positioned adjacent to the Internal Chemical Pod Chamber;
a Chemical Pod placed at an inner portion of the Internal Chemical Pod Chamber, which is located on the right side of the device, 0.5 inches above the bottom end of the device, wherein the Chemical Pod is adapted to store a solution which is sensitive with said LEAD, wherein the Chemical Pod comprises a Chemical Input Spout to deliver the solution to the solution pad;
a push-button attached with the Chemical Input Spout adapted to release the solution at the solution pad from the Chemical Input Spout of the Internal Chemical Pod Chamber, thereby presence of said LEAD in said water is detected above a predetermined threshold, wherein the predetermined threshold is based on a minimum LEAD that is present in the water without affecting a user of the device; and
a keychain accessory attached with upper right corner of the device, wherein the keychain accessory is configured to hold the device and make the device portable and wherein the device can be stored at room temperature.