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Transmissive small-angle scattering device
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1. A transmission type small-angle scattering device comprising:
a sample holder in which a sample as an inspection target is placed;
a sample positioning mechanism for moving the sample holder;
a goniometer including a rotation arm;
an X-ray irradiation unit installed on the rotation arm; and
a two-dimensional X-ray detector installed on the rotation arm,
wherein the rotation arm is freely turnable around a θ-axis extending in a horizontal direction from an origin with a vertical arrangement state of the rotation arm being defined as the origin;
the X-ray irradiation unit is installed on a lower-side end portion of the rotation arm;
the two-dimensional X-ray detector is installed on an upper-side end portion of the rotation arm;
the X-ray irradiation unit irradiates the sample placed in the sample holder with focused X-rays from a lower side of the sample; and
the two-dimensional X-ray detector detects scatter X-rays generated around the focused X-rays transmitted through the sample at a position above the sample.