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Water leak detector device and leak detection procedure
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1. A system comprising a device for detecting water leaks in pipelines, the device comprising: a spherical casing; at least one hydrophone as a receiver of audio signals generated by mechanical signals, the hydrophone being located within the spherical casing and is connected to a signal processor, which signal processor includes a non-transitory memory card for storage of audio information corresponding to the audio signals received by the hydrophone and is powered by at least one battery, the signal processor having a clock module configured to record in the memory card sailing time elapsed for each audio signal received by the hydrophone and a communication module located within the spherical casing and configured to communicate on a real-time basis with a series of spaced synchronization systems residing all along the pipeline, from which the start or end of delimited and known stretches are defined, each synchronization system being configured to reset positional parameters of the device and the device being configured to have its positional parameters reset by each synchronization system, the synchronization systems comprising a communication module, a clock module and a power-supply module; wherein the spherical casing further includes a plurality of external and spaced peripheral grooves and a plurality of raised gaskets received in the peripheral grooves; the raised gaskets to facilitate rolling of the device within a pipeline; and the device has a neutral buoyancy.