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Strain monitor
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1. A strain monitor for attachment to part of a submerged structure to measure strain in said structure, the strain monitor comprising:
a main body,
the main body comprising an attachment assembly which is arranged to secure the strain monitor to the submerged structure,
the main body comprising an inner side which is arranged to be positioned opposite to a part of the submerged structure, and an outer side which is oppositely directed to the inner side and is arranged to face away from the submerged structure,
a plurality of strain gauge assemblies, carried by the main body, arranged in a spaced apart relationship, and provided at the inner side,
each strain gauge assembly comprising a strain gauge and a carrier, and the strain gauge attached to the carrier, with the strain monitor secured to the submerged structure and the strain gauge assembly arranged to selectively adopt a stowed condition and a deployed condition, wherein in the deployed condition, the carrier contacts the submerged structure, and in the stowed condition, the carrier is positioned away from contact with the submerged structure.