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Curved light-guide optics for LED street lighting
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1. A streetlight luminaire comprising:
a curved light guide plate including:
a first receiving surface;
an emitting surface;
a major surface opposing the emitting surface;
second and third receiving surfaces on a streetside of the streetlight luminaire and an opposing house side of the streetlight luminaire, respectively, the first receiving surface extending in a first dimension between the major surface and the emitting surface, the first receiving surface, the emitting surface, and the major surface extending in a second dimension between the second and third receiving surfaces, the first dimension perpendicular to the second dimension, the first receiving surface, emitting surface, and major surface including a positive, non-zero radius of curvature (R) in the first dimension and the second and third receiving surfaces including an infinite radius of curvature in the first and second dimensions; and
a plurality of LEDs positioned to emit light into three or more of the first receiving surface, second receiving surface, third receiving surface, or a fourth receiving surface, the fourth receiving surface opposing the first receiving surface.