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System and method for valve seat arrangements
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1. A valve assembly, comprising:
a valve body;
a valve member extending through at least a portion of the valve body, the valve member being movable along a valve cavity axis between an open position and a closed position;
a seat pocket formed in the valve body, the seat pocket forming an annular recess in the valve body; and
a seat arrangement positioned at least partially within the seat pocket, comprising:
a lower seat extending radially inward from the annular recess toward the valve cavity axis;
an upper seat at least partially overlapping the lower seat, the upper seat extending radially inward toward the valve cavity axis to contact the valve member along a seat face, wherein the upper seat overlaps the lower seat to block the lower seat from contacting the valve member;
an interface seal positioned along an interface between the upper seat and the lower seat, the interface seal receiving a fluid pressure to drive the lower seat radially outward and into the annular recess; and
a biasing member positioned between the lower seat and the upper seat and out of contact from a working fluid associated with the valve body.