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Control device and control method for automatic transmission
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1. A control device for an automatic transmission, comprising:
a transmission control unit configured to control a shift solenoid provided for each of a plurality of friction elements of a stepped transmission mechanism, and perform a shift control in which a plurality of gear positions are switched by changing engaged states of the plurality of friction elements, wherein
the transmission control unit includes a gear ratio abnormality determination unit and a limp home control unit,
the gear ratio abnormality determination unit is configured to determine that a gear ratio is abnormal when, during travelling at a predetermined gear position, a difference between an actual gear ratio, which is calculated based on a transmission input shaft rotation speed and a transmission output shaft rotation speed, and a set gear ratio at the predetermined gear position is equal to or greater than a set value,
the limp home control unit is configured to:
when the gear ratio abnormality determination unit determines that the gear ratio is abnormal, output a disengagement instruction for disengaging all of the plurality of friction elements,
when it is confirmed that a neutral state is shifted to according to the output of the disengagement instruction, determine engagement/disengagement of a specific friction element among the plurality of friction elements based on rotation/stop information of a rotation member of the stepped transmission mechanism, and
determine an evacuation gear position based on determination information on the engagement/disengagement of the specific friction element, and shift the gear position to the determined evacuation gear position.