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Balanced pressure two-zone fluidic valve with shape memory alloy control element
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1. A fluidic valve comprising a first zone (I) and a second zone (II) separated by an aperture sealed by a deformable element,
wherein in said first zone (I) there is a shape memory alloy wire secured to a stationary surface and acting on a first surface of said deformable element either directly or through a piston,
wherein in said second zone (II) there are at least two ports, including an inlet port and an outlet port, and a plunger connected to a second surface of the deformable element, opposite to said first surface, and configured to close and seal the outlet port,
wherein a bypass channel permanently connects the first zone (I) to the second zone (II) through a first end aperture positioned in the first zone (I) and a second end aperture positioned in the inlet port in the second zone (II), and
wherein said fluidic valve further comprises a valve case defining, with said aperture and said deformable element, said first zone (I) and said second zone (II), and wherein said stationary surface is not a surface of said valve case and not a surface of said deformable element.