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Devices, systems, and methods for selectively engaging downhole tool for wellbore operations
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1. A method comprising:
deploying a device into a passageway of a tubing string; and
while the device is deployed within the passageway:
measuring, by a magnetometer in the device, one or more of: a z-axis magnetic field in a z-axis, an x-axis magnetic field in a x-axis, and a y-axis magnetic field in a y-axis, wherein the z-axis is parallel to a direction of travel of the device, and the x-axis and y-axis are orthogonal to the z-axis and to each other;
generating at least a z-axis signal based on the z-axis magnetic field; and
monitoring at least the z-axis signal to detect a change; and
analyzing the change to detect at least one feature in the tubing string,
the change is caused by a movement of a first magnet in the device relative to a second magnet in the device;
the change comprises a change in the z-axis signal; and
the analyzing comprises determining whether the change in the z-axis signal is greater than or equal to a predetermined threshold magnitude.