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Vehicle door latch
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1. A vehicle latch assembly comprising:
a plurality of levers for transferring actuation forces to open and close the vehicle latch assembly, at least one of the plurality of levers formed of at least one polymer, wherein the plurality of levers includes a child lock engage lever;
an actuator housing assembly including a water deflector enclosing a connection between an actuator housing and a cover, wherein the water deflector has a pair of side walls that extend over portions of the actuator housing and the cover and the pair of side walls are joined to each other by a portion of the water deflector that forms an exterior of the vehicle latch assembly, the vehicle latch assembly reducing sound, reducing release effort, and reducing water intrusion;
a child security mechanism having a torsion spring connecting the child security mechanism to an inner release mechanism, the torsion spring having a first leg and a second leg;
wherein the first leg of the torsion spring interacts with an inner release lever of the inner release mechanism and the second leg of the torsion spring interacts on a child security actuator lever of the child security mechanism as a cantilever bar with a bump which interacts with the child security mechanism in order to retain it in either a locked or unlocked position; and
a seal foam mounted to an exterior surface of the water deflector.