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Fall protection system
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1. A fall protection system comprising:
a guardrail support frame comprising a substantially vertical guardrail post, the guardrail post defining a locking hole, wherein the locking hole extends at an acute angle relative to horizontal plane;
a lateral safety guardrail extending substantially horizontally from the guardrail post;
a pillar attachment assembly comprising a pillar attachment device and a flexible pillar attachment strap, the pillar attachment device directly affixed to the guardrail post, and the flexible pillar attachment strap extending substantially horizontally from the pillar attachment device and configured to wrap around a structural component, wherein the pillar attachment strap defines a free end opposite the pillar attachment device; and
a strap connector defining a connector slot and a locking portion, the free end of the pillar attachment strap looped through the connector slot to secure the free end to the strap connector, the locking portion engaging the locking hole of the guardrail post to releasably secure the free end to the guardrail post.