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1. A spring clip for mounting ceiling panels equipped with torsion springs to a ceiling support grid, the spring clip comprising:
a body including a mounting portion defining a downwardly open receptacle configured for receiving a portion of a ceiling grid support member of the ceiling support grid, the downwardly open receptacle extending along a receptacle axis from a first side open end to a second side open end;
a pair of lateral flanges extending transversely outwards from the mounting portion and terminating in lateral edges;
wherein at least one of the lateral flanges includes:
a slot extending parallel to the receptacle axis and configured to receive arms of a torsion spring; and
a lateral opening extending from the lateral edge to the slot to allow lateral insertion of the arms of the torsion spring into the slot; and
at least one locking tab configured to engage the ceiling grid support member to couple the spring clip to the ceiling grid support member, the at least one locking tab extending from the at least one of the lateral flanges and into the downwardly open receptacle.