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Modular concrete screed system
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1. A concrete screed assembly comprising:
a plurality of elongated drum sections interchangeably interconnectable in an end-to-end relationship to cooperatively form a rotatable concrete screed drum being selectively variable depending on the drum sections interconnected to form the drum,
said drum sections each presenting a concrete-forming outer surface configured to engage concrete as the drum is rotated,
said drum sections each including opposite connection ends that are similarly constructed, such that each connection end of one of the drum sections is operable to interconnect with either of the connection ends of any of the other the drum sections,
each of said connection ends including a plurality of fastener pockets recessed radially inward relative to the outer surface of the drum; and
a plurality of fasteners interconnecting the connection ends of adjacent drum sections,
each of said fasteners extending into corresponding ones of the pockets of the interconnected connection ends.