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Inverse emulsion compositions
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1. An inverse emulsion composition comprising:
one or more hydrophobic liquids having a boiling point at least about 100° C.;
up to about 38% by weight of one or more acrylamide-(co)polymers;
water in an amount greater than about 12% by weight based on the total amount of all components of the composition;
one or more emulsifier surfactants; and
one or more inverting surfactants;
wherein, when the composition is inverted in an aqueous solution, it provides an inverted polymer solution having a filter ratio using a 1.2 micron filter (FR 1.2) at 15 psi of about 1.5 or less, and a viscosity of at least 10 cP at 40° C., for a solution comprising about 2000 ppm active polymer; and
wherein each of the one or more acrylamide-(co) polymers comprises one or more of monomers selected from the group consisting of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, crotonic acid, itaconic acid, maleic acid, fumaric acid, monomers comprising sulfonic acid groups, vinylsulfonic acid, allylsulfonic acid, 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid, 2-methacrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid, 2-acrylamidobutanesulfonic acid, 3-acrylamido-3-methylbutanesulfonic acid, 2-acrylamido-2,4,4-trimethylpentanesulfonic acid, or monomers comprising phosphonic acid groups, vinylphosphonic acid, allylphosphonic acid, N-(meth)acrylamidoalkylphosphonic acids, (meth)acryloyloxyalkylphosphonic acids, hydroxyethyl(meth)acrylate, hydroxypropyl(meth)acrylate, allyl alcohol, hydroxyvinyl ethyl ether, hydroxyl vinyl propyl ether, hydroxyvinyl butyl ether or polyethyleneoxide(meth)acrylates, monomers which may cause hydrophobic association of the (co)polymers, N-alkyl acrylamides, N-alkyl quaternary acrylamides, salts of the foregoing, mixtures or combinations of the foregoing.