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Method for producing molded foam articles, and molded foam articles
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1. A method for producing molded foam articles that molds molded foam articles continuously, the method comprising continuously repeating step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4 described below in this order, wherein
step 1 comprises melting a resin composition that includes a liquid crystal polyester,
step 2 comprises introducing, with an introduction device, a supercritical fluid that is unreactive, in a supercritical state, with the liquid crystal polyester, and is a gas at normal temperature and normal pressure, into the resin composition in an amount of at least 0.1 parts by mass but not more than 0.3 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the liquid crystal polyester to form a resin composition mixture, and then melt-kneading the resin composition mixture,
step 3 comprises injecting the melt-kneaded resin composition mixture containing the supercritical fluid into a mold, and
step 4 comprises conducting foaming by lowering at least one of a pressure and a temperature of the supercritical fluid contained in the resin composition mixture to a value below a critical point of the supercritical fluid; and
the method further comprises measuring an amount introduced of the supercritical fluid; and
performing feedback control of the amount introduced of the supercritical fluid based on a measurement result; and
the liquid crystal polyester has a melt tension at a temperature 20° C. higher than a flow start temperature of at least 5 mN but not more than 100 mN.