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Electrically conductive concrete composition and system design for resistive heating of pavements with low volume fractions of carbon microfiber
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1. A concrete pre-mix composition comprising:
a cementitious material;
a plurality of conductive carbon microfibers mixed with said cementitious material, wherein said conductive carbon microfibers are present in the concrete pre-mix composition in an amount such that, when said concrete pre-mix composition is hydrated to form concrete and cured, the conductive carbon microfibers are dispersed in the cured concrete in an amount of 0.75% to 2.00% of total mass of the concrete, and wherein the conductive carbon microfibers have an aspect ratio of length (l)/diameter (d) between 400 and 1,800; and
an additive selected from the group consisting of a conductivity-enhancing additive, a viscosity-modifying additive, and an air-entraining additive, wherein the additive comprises calcium nitrite, aqueous solutions of the compounds of Alkali and Alkali Earth metals, or a combination thereof.