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Aircraft fuselage portion comprising movable or detachable under floor struts
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1. An aircraft fuselage portion extending in a longitudinal direction, and comprising:
a fuselage structure comprising annular frames and a flat floor,
struts, which extend, in a nominal position perpendicular to the floor, from the floor to a frame, each strut comprising a first end located close to the frame and a second end located close to the floor,
each strut comprising, at the second end, a detachable link so that the strut can be moved relative to the fuselage structure or separated from the fuselage structure from the nominal position of the strut perpendicular to the floor to temporarily grant access to a triangle area space located between the frames,
wherein each strut comprises a pivot at the first end, so that the strut is tiltable from its nominal position to a position in a plane perpendicular to said longitudinal direction when the detachable link is released,
a duct support spanning at least a pair of adjacent struts,
wherein the duct support is adapted to translationally move on rails formed by the pair of adjacent struts when the pair of struts is titled from the nominal position, and wherein the duct support is fixed to the pair of struts when the pair of struts is in the nominal position.