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Aircraft door lock, aircraft door and aircraft having an aircraft door
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1. An aircraft door lock comprising:
a first bolt and a second bolt each configured to be rotationally fastened to a door leaf structure; and
a closure block that is configured to receive the first bolt and the second bolt to prevent any movement of the first and second bolts in at least one direction,
wherein the closure block is arranged on a portion of a hinge arm,
wherein the portion of the hinge arm overlaps the door leaf structure when the door leaf structure is in a closed position,
wherein the hinge arm has a first side facing the door leaf and a second side opposite the first side facing away from the door leaf,
wherein the closure block is formed on the first side of the hinge arm facing the door leaf,
wherein the closure block comprises a cavity in the hinge arm,
wherein the cavity has a top wall;
wherein the closure block comprises an opening and a boundary wall corresponding to the top wall of the cavity,
wherein the opening is sized to receive the first bolt and the second bolt in the closure block, and
wherein the boundary wall is arranged at an acute angle to an opening plane formed by the opening such the boundary wall angles upwardly from the opening towards a back of the cavity.