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Side airbag device
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1. A side airbag device, comprising:
a frame side plate part along a side surface of a backrest of an internal frame of a vehicle seat; and
a bracket attached to the frame side plate part in a condition where a predetermined airbag cushion and inflator are secured, wherein
the frame side plate part has a notch region where a predetermined range of a front edge is cut out,
the bracket has:
a base part fitted into the notch region of the frame side plate part and to which the airbag cushion and inflator are secured;
a reaction force plate bent from a front side of the base part and extending in to one side in a vehicle width direction;
a guide groove that is long in a front-back direction is formed on an upper edge or lower edge on either the notch region or the base part such that the other can slide; and
the base part can be inserted into the notch region from the front along the guide groove.