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Side airbag device
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1. A side airbag device for housing in a side support part of a vehicle seat, the side airbag device comprising:
an airbag for restraining an occupant by inflating and deploying; and,
an inflator for supplying inflation gas to the airbag;
the airbag includes a first bag housing the inflator on an inside thereof which is capable of inflating and deploying, and a second bag capable of inflating and deploying on a side of the first bag;
the second bag is configured so as to be deployed by inflation gas flowing in from the first bag;
the second bag has an inclined part formed at an upper edge thereof and is inclined so as to be lower at a front thereof than at a rear thereof when viewed from a vehicle width direction (lateral direction);
the inflator is disposed inside in the vehicle width direction relative to a side frame in the side support part;
the second bag is deployable outside in the vehicle width direction of the first bag, and
a capacity of the second bag is relatively greater than that of the first bag.