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Side airbag device and method for manufacturing side airbag device
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1. A side airbag device that is housed inside a vehicle seat and protects an occupant seated in the seat, comprising:
an airbag for restraining an occupant by inflating and deploying; and
an inflator for supplying inflation gas to the airbag, wherein
the airbag includes a pre-push chamber that contains the inflator inside and a main chamber that is connected to the pre-push chamber and deploys toward the front of the vehicle;
when the airbag is in a housed state, a first folded part is formed including the main chamber, and a second folded part is formed including the pre-push chamber;
at the portion where the first folded part and the second folded part overlap, a sewn part is formed that joins the first folded part and at least a portion of the pre-chamber; and
the sewn part is configured to break during deployment of the airbag.