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ATV with ratcheting four wheel drive actuator
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1. A vehicle comprising a shifter assembly for changing a drive configuration of the vehicle, the shifter assembly comprising:
a cam having a position indicator, the cam being rotatable about a first axis between first and second cam orientations such that the position indicator is moveable between first and second indicator positions, respectively; and
a trigger assembly having a trigger lever and an engagement pin extending therefrom, the trigger lever being rotatable about the first axis such that the trigger lever is moveable between first and second trigger positions,
wherein the cam defines an engagement lip displaced from the first axis,
wherein the engagement pin is displaced from the first axis and is configured to engage with the engagement lip of the cam when rotation of the cam and trigger lever are synchronized, thereby enabling the trigger assembly to influence rotation of the cam, and
wherein the first and second indicator positions are associated with respective first and second drive configurations of the vehicle.