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Aerodynamic heat exchanger for a vehicle
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1. An aerodynamic vehicle comprising:
a body including upper and lower body portions extending from a front end to a trailing end, said front end forming a tapered profile;
an aerodynamic heat exchanger disposed along said lower body portion extending from proximate said front end to proximate said trailing end, said aerodynamic heat exchanger comprising:
a chamber including an inner chamber portion and an outer chamber portion, said inner chamber portion having an inlet and an outlet disposed proximate a first end, at least one indentation, a fluid channel, and a channel divider, said outer chamber portion forming a body panel of said body, wherein in an assembled configuration, said inner and outer chamber portions form said chamber adapted to receive a fluid at said inlet, to expel said fluid at said outlet, said fluid passing along said fluid channel, said channel divider extending from said first end to proximate a second end, said channel divider providing a fluid separation within said chamber such that said fluid passes from said inlet, proximate said second end, and then through to said outlet, and wherein said at least one indentation is disposed along said fluid channel configured to promote turbulence of said fluid in said chamber;
an HVAC system coupled to said inlet and said outlet of said aerodynamic heat exchanger, said HVAC system being mechanically and thermally coupled to one or more demand systems and adapted to transfer heat to said aerodynamic heat exchanger to thereby be rejected to an ambient environment;
first, second, and third wheel assemblies coupled to said body; and
first and second strut assemblies each comprising one or more aerodynamic struts, said first strut assembly coupling said first wheel assembly to said body, said second strut assembly coupling said second wheel assembly to said body, said first and second strut assemblies disposed proximate said aerodynamic heat exchanger and said front end, along said lower body portion, wherein at least a portion of said aerodynamic heat exchanger is fluidly-unimpeded by said first and second strut assemblies so that, when the aerodynamic vehicle moves, laminar airflow surrounds at least the unimpeded portions of said aerodynamic heat exchanger.