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Gripper mechanism for garment printer
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1. A device for positioning a garment on a printing platen for digital printing, the device comprising:
a first gripper configured to controllably grip onto a first edge of the garment at a first side of the platen;
a sliding mechanism connected to said gripper and configured to slide said gripper from said first side of the platen to a second side of said platen opposite said first side, thereby to pull said edge to said second side and position said garment across said platen for printing at a digital printer, said sliding mechanism comprising a rail extending along a length of said platen from said first side to said second side, a trolley movable along said rail, and a motor to move said trolley, said gripper being mobile with said trolley;
a laser source;
a photodetector;
an indicator, the photodetector positioned to detect occlusions caused by wrinkles or folds of said garment on said platen, said indicator being connected to said photodetector to provide a warning to said operator concerning said wrinkles; and
a housing, the housing holding said sliding mechanism over said platen and said gripper being suspended from said rail within said housing, the housing comprising a hood extending over said platen from above, said hood being located to obscure a platen loading position and thereby prevent manual loading of said garment onto said platen, said first gripper extending downwardly from said hood.