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Uncured composite structures, cured composite structures, and methods of curing uncured composite structures
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1. A method of curing an uncured composite structure that includes a structural layer, which includes an uncured structural resin with a structural resin viscosity, and a surface layer, which includes an uncured surface resin with a surface resin viscosity that is greater than the structural resin viscosity, the method comprising:
initially heating the uncured composite structure to an initial temperature to generate a partially cured composite structure, wherein the initially heating is sufficient to gel the uncured surface resin but insufficient to gel the uncured structural resin; and
subsequently heating the partially cured composite structure to a final cure temperature, which is greater than the initial temperature, to generate a cured composite structure, wherein a combination of the initially heating and the subsequently heating is sufficient to fully cure both the uncured surface resin and the uncured structural resin.