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Method for preparing a textile/resin composite part
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1. A method for manufacturing a textile composite part comprising a textile and a thermoplastic resin, the method comprising, in the following order:
a) providing a mold having a bottom;
a0) depositing a varnish composition at the bottom of the mold, heating the mold to produce a varnish layer as an external surface of the textile composite part;
a1) depositing a colored composition comprising at least one thermoplastic or thermosetting resin on all or a portion of the varnish layer, heating the mold, providing colored pattern(s), and obtaining a varnish layer having this/these colored pattern(s);
b) applying at least one composition (A), comprising at least one thermoplastic resin, on top of the varnish layer;
c) heating the mold including the at least one composition (A);
d) applying a textile to the heated composition (A);
e) cooling the mold; and
f) removing the textile composite part from the mold, the textile composite part comprising an external surface that is made of the varnish layer through which the colored pattern(s) is/are visible.