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Blade assembly having entrapped spring
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1. A blade assembly for a hair cutting apparatus comprising:
a first blade having teeth extending along a first blade edge;
a second blade having teeth extending along a second blade edge parallel to the first blade edge, a distance between the first blade edge and the second blade edge defining a blade gap;
a yoke coupled to the second blade, the yoke converts motion of a drive into reciprocation of the second blade relative to the first blade;
a spring comprising:
a free end;
a spring arm extending from the free end, the spring arm biasing the second blade towards the first blade;
an arcuate-shaped fixed end extending from the spring arm;
a securing arm extending from the arcuate-shaped fixed end; and
a retainer comprising an arch and an arched tunnel that together interface against the spring to trap the spring against the first blade;
wherein in response to moving the retainer relative to the first blade, the second blade moves relative to the first blade.