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Dead blow slide hammer
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1. A slide hammer assembly, comprising:
a shaft having first and second shaft ends, the first shaft end includes an attachment point;
a stop coupled to the shaft proximate to the second shaft end;
a hammer body having opposing first and second flanged body ends, the hammer body including a main body portion with an outer surface having a gripping portion disposed between the first and second flanged body ends, a cap portion coupled to the main body portion, and a through bore extending longitudinally through the hammer body and that slidably receives the shaft and allows the hammer body to slide on an external surface of the shaft, wherein the main body portion includes a longitudinal bore encircling the through bore, and the cap portion closes the longitudinal bore to cooperatively form an internal cavity longitudinally between the first and second flanged body ends and laterally between the gripping portion and the through bore; and
a dampening material disposed in the internal cavity.