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Torque wrench which can be used as a ratchet
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1. A screw driving tool comprising:
a torque output element which defines an axis and is mounted in a housing, the torque output element including a toothing system,
a torque transmission section with a plurality of depressions and a bearing recess, wherein the torque output element is rotatably coupled to the torque transmission section via a locking element which lies in said bearing recess of the torque transmission section and is configured to engage the toothing system by a force of a spring,
a torque transmission element, which is pretensioned by a force of a force accumulator and engages in at least one depression of the plurality of depressions, for coupling the torque transmission section to the housing so as to transmit a torque,
said coupling being released in response to the torque transmission element leaving the at least one depression in an edge-controlled manner against the force of the force accumulator when a torque limit is exceeded, the force accumulator being adjustable by an adjustment device,
a ram arranged in a force transmission path between the torque transmission element and the force accumulator, and
a switchover element, which is movable from a release position into a blocking position,
wherein in the release position, the switchover element permits the ram to be movable and permits the torque transmission element to leave the at least one depression,
wherein in the blocking position, the switchover element inhibits movement of the ram by interacting with at least one blocking element and blocks the torque transmission element from leaving the at least one depression when the torque limit is exceeded, and
wherein the switchover element is a sleeve part guided displaceably on the housing.