US 11,752,534 B2
Automatic metal wire bending (AMWB) apparatus to manufacture shape conforming lattice structure with continuum design for manufacturable topology
Bashir Khoda, Fargo, ND (US); Nazmul Ahsan, Fargo, ND (US); Md Habib, Fargo, ND (US); and Ruinan Xie, Fargo, ND (US)
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1. A wire bending apparatus comprising:
a feeding system;
a first control platform axis including first parallel guides, a first movable carriage supported by the first parallel guides, and a first bending unit attached to the first moveable carriage; and
a second control platform axis including second parallel guides, a second movable carriage supported by the second parallel guides, and a second bending unit attached to the second moveable carriage;
wherein the first parallel guides are on a horizontal plane;
wherein the second parallel guides are on a vertical plane; and
wherein the horizontal plane is orthogonal to the vertical plane.