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Method for cleaning semiconductor wafers
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1. A method for controlling damages in cleaning a semiconductor wafer comprising features of patterned structures, the method comprising:
delivering a cleaning liquid over a surface of the semiconductor wafer during a cleaning process; and
imparting sonic energy to the cleaning liquid from a sonic transducer during the cleaning process, wherein power is alternately supplied to the sonic transducer for a predetermined number of cycles at a first frequency and a first power level for a first predetermined period of time and at a second frequency and a second power level for a second predetermined period of time, the first predetermined period of time and the second predetermined period of time consecutively following one another, wherein the predetermined number of cycles is determined based on a power density and the first frequency,
wherein at least one of the first and second predetermined periods of time, the first and second power levels, or the first and second frequencies are determined, such that a percentage of damaged features as a result of imparting the sonic energy is lower than a predetermined threshold.