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Systems and methods for sorting objects to large numbers of orders
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11. An order fulfillment system in which objects to be collected into orders are provided in output totes, said system comprising:
an input conveyance system that moves objects toward a loop conveyance system generally along a first input direction;
a primary sortation system that includes the loop conveyance system that moves objects around a closed loop that includes a plurality of primary sortation exits, each of which leads to a secondary sortation system inside the closed loop;
wherein the secondary sortation system includes a plurality of shuttle modules, each shuttle module further including a linear shuttle that travels along a rail to receive an object from one of the plurality of primary sortation exits of the primary sortation system and conveys objects to one of a plurality of totes provided on either side of the rail; and
the system further comprising an output tote conveyance system for moving completed totes within the closed loop in a direction that is generally transverse to the input direction,
wherein the linear shuttle includes a reciprocating belt conveyor for conveying objects to a tote on either side of the linear shuttle, and a tote kicker assembly that comprises a kicker arm and a roller at an end of the kicker arm, wherein the kicker arm is rotated in a direction away from the rail to push a selected tote among the plurality of totes onto the output tote conveyance system.