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Cooled motor for a paper shredder
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1. A paper shredder, comprising:
a cutting blade assembly having a shredder blade shaft;
a motor having a motor rotor coupled to the cutting blade assembly;
gears of the cutting blade assembly being coupled to an overdrive gear assembly;
an enclosure enclosing the motor, the enclosure having first selected vent holes defining an input air path on one end and second selected vent holes defining an output air path on the other end; and
a fan assembly coupled to the overdrive assembly, disposed at an end of the enclosure, and in confined communication with the vent holes,
wherein motor operation simultaneously drives the cutting blade assembly and the fan assembly such that the cutting blade assembly is urged to comminute shreddant and the overdrive gear assembly drives the fan assembly at a greater rotational velocity than that of the motor rotor, the fan assembly creating a pressure differential between the input air path and the output air path, and
wherein the pressure differential causes air to be forced across the motor such that the motor is cooled.