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Fixed rigid wall device for compressed pleat configuration filters
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1. A cup-style scaling tool for replicating filtration characteristics of a large-scale filtration device, comprising:
a disc-shaped housing having a circular surface, wherein the circular surface includes a rectangular, wedge-shaped slot adapted to be a filter receiving region and cut-outs adjacent the wedge-shaped slot, the disc-shaped housing having a cup-shape and an annular groove capable of receiving a seal,
wherein the filter receiving region has a fluid outlet and extends axially from the circular surface, and comprises a rigid wall framework configured to hold and compress one or more pleats of a membrane and compress said one or more pleats in an amount effective to proportionally replicate the filtration performance of said large-scale filtration device; and
a wedge-shaped pleated membrane having one or more pleats and comprising ends capable of being placed in the cut-outs, and
a cover having one or more fluid inlets in fluid communication with said fluid outlet of said filter receiving region, said cover and said disc-shaped housing being sealed together.