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Effluent processing apparatus and method for a vehicle air brake charging system
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1. An effluent processing apparatus comprising:
a housing having an inlet port and a chamber;
a coalescing element located in the chamber and arranged coaxially with the inlet port, the coalescing element having pleats in a predefined pattern of paths arranged to separate oil and water from an effluent mixture containing air, oil, and water, wherein the effluent mixture flows into the inlet port along an axis of the coalescing element and is deflected by a portion of the housing surrounded by the coalescing element to direct flow perpendicular to the axis along major surfaces of the pleats to separate oil and water from the effluent mixture, wherein the portion of the housing deflecting the effluent mixture is a disc-shaped deflector plate having a cone-shaped protrusion located generally central to the axis of the coalescing element.