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Display signal to assess autonomic response to vagus nerve stimulation treatment
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1. An assessment system for vagus nerve stimulation therapy treatment for congestive heart failure in a subject, the assessment system comprising:
a first interface configured to communicate with a device that delivers a stimulation signal to a vagus nerve of the subject;
a second interface configured to capture heart electrical activity of the subject in response to the stimulation signal; and
a processor and a non-transitory computer readable memory storing instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the assessment system to:
segregate the captured heart electrical activity into portions that correspond to at least one ON-period of the stimulation signal and at least one OFF-period of the stimulation signal based on a communication between the first interface and the device that delivers the stimulation signal; and
determine and display real-time heart rate dynamics for each of the at least one ON-period and the at least one OFF-period and display a digital ECG signal in real-time in response to the stimulation signal.