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Guidewire for cannula placement
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1. A method for inserting a pump configured for insertion into a vascular system, comprising:
inserting a guidewire into a vasculature of a patient;
inserting the guidewire into a cannula through a distal end of the cannula, the distal end of the cannula supporting a pump, wherein the cannula has a three-dimensional shape with a first S bend in a first plane, and a second S bend in a second plane which is different from the first plane; and
pushing the guidewire through the pump,
wherein inserting the guidewire into the vasculature of the patient occurs prior to inserting the guidewire into the cannula, and
wherein the guidewire includes a proximal section with a first stiffness and a first diameter, and a distal section connected to the proximal section, the distal section with a second stiffness greater than the first stiffness and a second diameter greater than the first diameter.