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Low profile passive protector for an I.V. catheter
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1. A low-profile universal passive protector for an over-the-needle catheter comprising:
a connector having a tubular body and a pair of arms each being pivotally connected to the tubular body, the tubular body defining an end face, the connector including a cavity extending from the end face to the pair of arms;
an elongate sheath defining a longitudinal axis, the elongate sheath being snap engageable to the tubular body;
a spring insertable within the cavity of the connector and configured to extend from at least one arm of the pair of arms to the elongate sheath when received within the cavity;
a slider moveably coupled to the elongate sheath, the slider including a flashback chamber formed therein; and
a hypodermic needle connected to the slider and in fluid communication with the flashback chamber;
the slider being moveable along the elongate sheath between a first position and a second position, the hypodermic needle being drawn into the elongate sheath as the slider moves from the first position toward the second position.