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Flow indicator for an infusion pump
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1. An elastomeric pump for an infusion assembly, the pump comprising:
a bladder defining a chamber for receipt of a fluid, wherein the bladder is configured to expand radially from a deflated position to an inflated position as the chamber fills with the fluid, and to contract from the inflated position to the deflated position as the fluid is dispensed from the chamber, wherein the bladder has a cylindrical shape in the deflated position and a spherical shape in the inflated position;
a flexible outer layer surrounding the bladder, wherein the bladder is configured to expand against the flexible outer layer as the chamber fills with the fluid to cause the flexible outer layer to expand to an inflated position in conjunction with the bladder, wherein the flexible outer layer has a spherical shape in the inflated position of the flexible outer layer;
a first indicator provided on the bladder; and
a second indicator provided on the flexible outer layer, wherein the first indicator and the second indicator are configured to align to form a passive indicator when the bladder and the flexible outer layer expand to the inflated position to signal a change in a volume of the fluid in the chamber.