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NPWT system with selectively controllable airflow
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1. An assembly comprising:
a drape substantially sealable over a wound bed;
a track pad configured to couple a tube to the drape and allow the tube to provide suction to the wound bed;
a vent opening in the drape;
a filter coupled to the drape and communicating with the vent opening;
a cover coupled to the drape and movable between a first position to cover the vent opening and filter, and a second position to uncover the vent opening and the filter; and
a fluid indicator coupled to the drape and operable to provide a visual indication that fluid build-up is present in the wound bed, the fluid indicator comprising:
a bottom layer comprising a substrate coated with a water-soluble biocompatible colorant, and
a top layer substantially unpigmented and configured to allow capillary action from the bottom layer, the capillary action drawing the colorant to the top layer when the bottom layer contacts fluid.