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Accommodating intraocular lenses and methods of use
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1. An ophthalmic device, comprising:
an optic portion comprising an anterior optic surface, a posterior optic surface, and an optic fluid chamber, wherein the optic fluid chamber comprises a chamber opening projecting radially outward from a lateral side of the optic portion;
a peripheral portion coupled to the optic portion at the chamber opening;
wherein the ophthalmic device is configured to be implanted within a capsular bag of a subject,
wherein the peripheral portion comprises an interior volume filled with a fluid,
wherein the interior volume is in fluid communication with the optic fluid chamber,
wherein the anterior optic surface is configured to deform in response to a deformation of the peripheral portion due to capsular bag reshaping initiated by ciliary muscle movement undertaken by the subject, and
wherein a segment of the peripheral portion comprises a radially outer peripheral wall and a radially inner peripheral wall closer to the optic portion than the radially outer peripheral wall, wherein a cross-sectional profile of the radially outer peripheral wall is curved radially outward away from the optic portion.