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Fingers-driven haptic interface for robot-assisted surgical system
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1. A haptic interface for a robot-assisted surgical system that includes a manipulator, a surgical instrument on the manipulator, and one or more forces sensors positioned to detect forces against the surgical instrument, the haptic interface comprising:
a plurality of sensors mountable to a human hand, wherein the plurality of sensors includes a plurality of accelerators, gyroscopes, or IMUs;
a plurality of bladders mountable to fingers of the human hand;
at least one processor and at least one memory, the at least one memory storing instructions executable by said at least one processor to:
receive user input from the sensors in response to movement of the fingers and, in response to the input, causing movement or actuation of a surgical instrument,
receive force input from force sensors of the surgical system corresponding to forces against the surgical instrument, and, in response to the force input causing fluid to move into one or more of the bladders to provide tactile feedback to the human hand corresponding to the forces against the surgical instrument.