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Spinal implant system and method
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1. A spinal construct comprising:
a first coupling member comprising a body and a stem extending from the body, the body including a first thread engageable with a thread of an implant;
a connector including a first section and a second section, the first section comprising a wall and spaced apart extensions projecting distally from the wall, the extensions defining an aperture, a portion of the implant being configured for disposal in the aperture, the first section comprising a bore extending through the wall, the bore defining a second thread, the stem extending through the bore, the second section comprising spaced apart arms, inner surfaces of the arms defining a cavity configured for disposal of a spinal rod; and
a second coupling member comprising opposite inner and outer surfaces, the inner surface of the second coupling member defining a recess, the outer surface of the second coupling member including a third thread, the third thread having a major diameter less than a major diameter of the first thread, the third thread being engageable with the second thread to couple the second coupling member to the connector such that the stem is positioned in the recess.