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Retractable instrument
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1. An apparatus for use in an ophthalmic surgical procedure, comprising:
a housing having a proximal end and a distal end with a valve bay disposed between the proximal end and the distal end;
a cannula assembly that extends from the distal end of the housing, wherein the cannula assembly comprises:
an outer tube; and
an inner tube positioned in the outer tube, wherein the inner tube comprises an elongated portion and a cannula tip attached at a distal end of the elongated portion;
a valve disposed in the valve bay of the housing, wherein the valve comprises a valve tubular coupled to the inner tube for adjusting flow through the inner tube; and
an actuator coupled to the valve and the inner tube for moving the cannula tip from an extended position to a retracted position in the outer tube, wherein the valve tubular provides a biasing force to the inner tube in the retracted position to move the inner tube back to the extended position upon release of the actuator.