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System and method for an eye patch used in eyelash extension procedure
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1. A method for an eyelash extension procedure, the method comprising:
applying an eye patch onto a client, wherein the eye patch is comprised of a patch and a pad, the patch substantially flat and flexible, the patch further comprising:
a bottom surface and a top surface, the bottom surface comprising a bottom adhesive material capable of temporarily attaching to the client's skin; and
a concave edge on one side of the patch, wherein the concave edge substantially matches an anatomical curve of a human's eye socket;
adhering the patch to the client's skin, wherein the bottom adhesive material on the bottom surface is exposed and temporarily attaches to the client's skin, wherein the patch covers lower lashes of the client; and
attaching the pad on the top surface of the patch along the concave edge of the patch, wherein the pad is attachable along the concave edge, the pad being a raised portion on the patch that is capable of pushing upper natural eyelashes upward when the client's eyes are closed.